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Glasgow’s Leading Rubbish Removal Experts

Mr Junk is a family-run company deeply committed to providing reliable and affordable rubbish removal services in Glasgow. Our owner, Ross, is fully dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and offering affordable services to residents and businesses. We pride ourselves on being one of Glasgow’s best-priced clearance companies, with fully transparent pricing and absolutely no hidden charges. Whether you need a house clearance service or a comprehensive waste management service, we’re the reliable, local team you can trust. To learn more about our services or book your next rubbish removal in Glasgow, call our team.

Discover Our Journey: Over 5 Years of Experience

Our family-run company has served the Glasgow community for over five years. From our humble beginnings, we’ve become a trusted name in rubbish removal, thanks to our deep roots and connection with the local community. We’ve gained a wealth of experience in various types of rubbish removal, from household clutter to commercial waste, electronic recycling, and unwanted furniture. We handle it all. Our dedication to handling a wide range of rubbish showcases our expertise and reliability.

Throughout our journey, we’ve reached numerous milestones and achievements, cementing our stellar reputation. We’re more than a rubbish dump service; we’re a trusted partner for countless Glasgow residents and businesses. Our commitment to efficient, responsible waste removal makes us stand out. 


Our Vision


Affordable and Efficient Rubbish Removal

At the heart of Mr Junk is Ross, whose personal motivation and vision drive our operations. Ross’s mission is to provide cost-effective rubbish removal services to the Glasgow community, ensuring everyone can access a clean, clutter-free environment. His leadership has shaped our customer relations, fostering a connection of trust and respect with our clients. Ross’s commitment to keeping services affordable without compromising quality is a testament to our ethos. We believe in fair prices and efficient service, whether it’s a simple waste collection service or a more complex project.

Why Choose Mr Junk

We place great value on the power of customer feedback. Customer feedback serves as our guide for improving services and operations. Our commitment to listening and responding to clients has refined our approach to effectively meet their needs. The positive customer reviews and testimonials we’ve received are a testament to our dedication. They confirm our reliability and highlight our reputation as one of the best-priced clearance services in the area, known for our transparent pricing policy. We believe in upfront costs, providing clear quotes without hidden fees to build trust with our clients. Choose Mr Junk for honest and efficient rubbish removal services you can trust.

Areas We Serve

Our team covers a wide range of areas within and around Glasgow. From the bustling city centre to the quiet suburbs, we’re well-versed in each area’s unique challenges and advantages. Our services extend to key areas in Scotland, such as the historic town of Paisley. We understand the importance of timely waste management in these densely populated areas and are committed to providing fast and efficient services. In Glasgow, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the city’s waste regulations, allowing us to offer our clients the best rubbish removal solutions. Whether it’s property clearance in the heart of Glasgow or rubbish dump service in Paisley, we provide services tailored to the specific needs of these areas. Take a look at all of the areas we serve, including:

  • Glasgow, UK
  • Paisley, UK
  • Scotland, UK
  • Motherwell, UK
  • Hamilton ML3, UK
  • Clydebank G81, UK
  • Anderston, Glasgow, UK
  • Clarkston, Glasgow, UK
  • Pollok, Glasgow G53, UK
  • Rutherglen, Glasgow, UK
  • Partick, Glasgow G11, UK
  • Hillhead, Glasgow G12, UK
  • Maryhill, Glasgow G20, UK
  • East Kilbride, Glasgow, UK
  • Govanhill, Glasgow G42, UK
  • Milngavie, Glasgow G62, UK
  • Newton Mearns, Glasgow, UK
  • Anniesland, Glasgow G13, UK
  • Pollokshaws, Glasgow G43, UK
  • Pollokshields, Glasgow G41, UK

Timely and Reliable Service Delivery

We’re committed to on-time clearances. Even in the face of challenging jobs, we strive to complete our tasks promptly without compromising on the quality of our work. Our team understands reliable rubbish removal is crucial to our clients. That’s why we prioritise punctuality and reliability in our operations. Whether it’s a house clearance in Glasgow or a waste collection service in Maryhill, you can count on us to deliver. Take a look at some quotes from our owner, Ross, about a few successful clearances, even though the projects were challenging:

  • “We did a job for one of the biggest charities in Scotland to clear their large office space which was situated over 2 floors. The process wasn’t straight forward as the offices were based on the 4th and 5th floor. The majority of what was to be uplifted and disposed of was too big to fit in the service elevator, so our team carried most of the items down from the 5th floor. Over 25 tables and 50 chairs were just some of the items that needed to be removed.”
  • “We regularly uplift from 1 of the biggest serviced office premises in Glasgow city centre, which hosts a variety of different types of waste. From bags of general waste to sofas and couches. The building has 9 floors and not everything goes up and down in the lift so some of the jobs can be challenging but always completed by the team.”
  • “Our bin service has been very popular amongst the pubs, clubs and restaurants of Glasgow. We drop off our bins and will uplift them once or twice a week depending on how often the customer needs the service.”

For all your house clearance needs in Glasgow, trust the experts at Mr Junk. Our reliable and affordable services are just a call away. With our professional house clearance service, we’ll make your home cleaner and clutter-free. Experience our customer-centric approach and give us a call today for more information.

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Trust Our Trained Staff and Expertise

Our team comprises trained staff with extensive knowledge and experience in waste management. We understand the importance of having skilled staff for efficient service delivery and are committed to continuous staff training and development. Our staff are experts in various types of waste removal, from domestic rubbish removal like furniture and hot tub removal to commercial garden waste disposal. Further, we offer specialised services such as electronics recycling, showcasing our comprehensive rubbish removal expertise.

Legal Compliance and Ethical Waste Disposal

We’re fully licensed and adhere strictly to the legal implications of waste disposal. Our vehicles are fully licensed, and we stand against illegal practices such as fly-tipping, where homeowners leave unwanted items by the curb or on the side of the road. At Mr Junk, we take an ethical approach to waste disposal. We work with like-minded companies and are committed to providing eco-friendly waste removal solutions. Our team believes in responsible waste disposal and contributes to preserving the beautiful landscapes of Glasgow and the broader Scotland.

Explore Our Commitment to the Environment

We’re a company that deeply cares about the environment. Our environmental commitment guides every decision we make. We believe it’s not enough to comply with environmental regulations. That’s why we’ve initiated various practices to promote environmental sustainability. One of the key areas we focus on is sustainable waste disposal. We ensure that the waste we collect is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, and whenever possible, we recycle. Further, we believe in the power of collaboration. We’ve partnered with several environmentally-conscious organisations in Glasgow to help us in our mission. Together, we’re working towards a cleaner, greener Glasgow.

Working With Mr Junk

When you choose Mr Junk for rubbish removal, you’re partnering with a transparent and accountable company. Customer service is at our core, and we prioritise building lasting relationships. We offer more than house clearance or waste collection services, we’re a trustworthy partner. We ensure efficient rubbish removal with clear communication, honest pricing, and reliable services. As a local business in Glasgow, we understand unique waste management needs and regulations. Our eco-friendly services with fair prices and flexible booking are tailored to each client. We’re your transparent rubbish removal partner in Glasgow.


  1. How Does the Company Ensure Affordability In Its Rubbish Removal Services?
    • Mr Junk is dedicated to providing affordable waste collection services without compromising quality. We offer competitive pricing tailored to the specific needs of your house clearance or rubbish dump service requirements. Our efficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction make us a cost-effective choice.


  1. What Makes the Company’s Rubbish Removal Services Different From Other Providers?
    • Our waste management service stands out for our comprehensive approach, which includes everything from electronics recycling to commercial garden waste removal. Plus, our highly trained staff ensure every job, big or small, from bicycle to hot tub removal and everything in between, is handled with the utmost professionalism and care.


  1. Can Customers Expect Timely Service In All the Areas Covered?
    • Mr Junk strives to provide timely service across all service areas. We understand the importance of prompt rubbish removal and work efficiently to ensure your waste is handled as quickly as possible.


  1. How is the Company Contributing to Environmental Sustainability in Waste Management?
    • Environmental sustainability is at the core of what we do. We offer electronics recycling and ensure all waste collected is disposed of responsibly. We’re actively reducing landfill waste by redirecting as much of it as possible towards recycling avenues.


  1. What Training Do the Staff Members Receive for Efficient Waste Removal?
    • Our team undergoes rigorous training to handle waste collection and disposal safely and efficiently. They’re knowledgeable in the best practices for all aspects of rubbish removal, including the operation of our waste removal equipment.


  1. Are There Any Special Considerations for Waste Removal In Specific Areas Like Glasgow or Edinburgh?
    • Yes, each city has its regulations and challenges when it comes to waste removal. Mr Junk is well-versed in the specific requirements for Glasgow rubbish removal and the nuances of serving an area like Edinburgh, ensuring compliance with all local laws and guidelines.


  1. How Does the Company Ensure Compliance With Legal Requirements in Waste Disposal?
    • Compliance is non-negotiable for us. Mr Junk is properly registered in Scotland and adheres strictly to the legal requirements in waste disposal. We stay up-to-date with legislation changes and ensure all waste is treated and disposed of according to national and local regulations.


  1. What Should Customers Know About the Company’s Pricing and Charges?
    • Our pricing and charges are communicated transparently, with no hidden fees. Customers can expect clear and upfront information regarding the cost of their specific waste removal needs. For a personalised quote, please contact us using the number provided on our website.


  1. How Does the Company Handle Particularly Challenging Rubbish Removal Jobs?
    • For challenging jobs, such as mattress disposal or furniture removal, we employ specialised equipment and techniques. Our experienced team is prepared to tackle any situation, securing the safe and efficient removal of even the most difficult items.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Miriam Ali
Miriam Ali
Great prices and very fast service . I called a few places but was getting ridiculous proces even the council waiting time was way to long. I called this company and they collected all the rubbish by the next morning and disposed of it . The guys were really helpful and didn’t leave any mess behind either which was great definitely will be using again . If you want a a fast service this is the company to go for
Lorna Brooks
Lorna Brooks
Ross and the guys did a great job – easy to contact, turned up on time, friendly and very efficient. Would highly recommend 😊
Kenneth Fee
Kenneth Fee
Fast, efficient, friendly service – promptly removing my old decking and shed.
Clare Mance
Clare Mance
Ross and the guys did a great job – easy to contact, turned up on time, friendly and very efficient. Would highly recommend 😊
linda furness
linda furness
Fast service. Lovely, polite staff.